A Glimpse About Architecture

Exterior of Secret Intelligence Service Building

As per definition, architecture is the technique as well as the art of designing a building. This is way much different to all the things that involve its construction thereof. Employing an architect is more of to fulfill the needs of expressing how the structure should look like based on the vision of the owner and also, for practical aspect as well. Practicality and expression may be on both ends of the stick, but these two are inseparable. They are related to each other. Why is this so? Well, for one, people for whatever parts of the world they are, do have a sense of the relationship between their space they live in and about the structures created. No wonder what era the structure was built, it reflects the history of the place, the artistry, and other aspects which showcase the aspects of the people living during those times.


What makes a structure, a masterpiece of architecture different from that of other human-made structures? First, it suits to work well to the human beings in totality, as well as it’s adaptable to certain activities done by humans. Second, it will showcase the permanence and stability of the construction of the structure. Lastly, it showcases the ideas and experience through how the structure looks like at the end. These three must be present in architecture.


Do you know that the various types of architecture has been established by the society and not by the architects themselves? Yes, it is through the needs of the variety of institutions involved. What happens is that society will set what the goal is, and then give it to the architect, and the architect himself is going to find all the means to achieve such goal. Basically, the role of an architect is to adapt the design about a particular use as well as the physical needs of humans.


There are different types of architecture. It includes industrial, educational, welfare, recreational, governmental, religious, and domestic. About domestic, it is geared towards the social unit. This is perfect for an individual, or even a family. So, it’s more of providing shelter as well as security to human beings. The requirements for this type of architecture is that there should be a place wherein the human being can sleep, be able to prepare things like food and work, the place should have light, and the structure should be in such a way that can provide protection. A basic structure should have a strong roof, walls, window, hearth, and door, others add-ons will be classified as luxury already.


As for architectural techniques, it would be categorized under the types of materials used and methods. As for materials, the common ones being used are stones, brick, and wood. As for methods, it would involve load-bearing wall and non-bearing wall. All of these are kind of technical, but it does pay off to know a little bit about these things about architecture.


Now, that you already have an idea about architecture. Thus, the next time you go outside, you will be able to start to question yourself, and even appreciate the architecture of a particular church, home, and structure that you see around. Plus, if you are keen to do research, you can always do about famous architectural structures all over the world. You will be amazed as to how beautiful they are, and what it took to achieve that kind of design that can stand the test of time for decades, and so on.



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